SToK USA Warranty Program

**  Only complete the Warranty Forms if you currently need warranty service.  Otherwise, please take a photograph of your receipt for future reference.
SToK USA offers a no questions asked Lifetime Warranty on all SToK SIL products, SToK FYR Torches, SToK VAP Batteries, Chargers, Cases and unused Cartridges.  All Warranty Service is subject to shipping and processing charges.  This Warranty Service is available only on registered products purchased from authorized retail outlets.  SToK USA does NOT warranty any products purchased on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or any other unauthorized reseller.
SToK USA offers two options for your warranty claim.  In order to utilize this service, you must first register your product using the SToK USA Warranty Service form.  Please complete the entire form, select the Warranty Service and Shipping option, complete the check-out process and we'll make sure you're SToK'n again soon!
Option 1:
You can send your product back to us to evaluate and trouble shoot.  After evaluating the issue, we will either repair your part or send you a refurbished part.  This process takes about 3-4 weeks, and you just pay shipping and handlind charges.
Option 2:
OR you can send your product back to us and get a BRAND NEW replacement by paying $10 for NEW Chargers, Cases or Tools ($20 for NEW Batteries or Torches) plus shipping and processing.  We'll send you the new part no questions asked.
A SToK USA representative will contact you after you complete the form to give you a Return Authorization number and shipping address.
All cartridges are disposable attachments. Due to the nature of the product and use, once the cartridge is utilized, there is no warranty coverage or replacement available.